Completely Incorrect Song Lyrics

May 15, 2014

In Flathead, Matt Taibbi's (@mtaibbi) devastating destruction of all things Friedman, he wrote the following about Friedman's inability to understand metaphor:

Thomas Friedman does not get these things right even by accident. It’s not that he occasionally screws up and fails to make his metaphors and images agree. It’s that he always . . .

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Fear not

Your prayers have been answered

January 27, 2014

Silvrback blog image

Long time followers of this site have no doubt seen, speculated upon, and talked to their family about the brief hiatus in service. Rest assured, fellow readers, (FDP) has not been lying fallow...wait, yes, that is what it has been doing. Lying fallow so that the newest harvest will be even more bountiful than the ones . . .

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